Pilates Teacher

Fully qualified to teach Pilates since



  • 2-year Comprehensive Pilates course (network/equipment/children’s pilates/rehabilitation/pre-and postnatal), accredited by the Pilates Foundation UK
  • Chartered Structural Engineer

A bit about Cathy

A regular studio client for almost 6 years, Cathy initially explored Pilates as a way of addressing some of the postural effects of a demanding desk job in engineering. She discovered that she could not only deal with the gradually increasing ‘niggles’, but gain strength and control of her body and find the mobility that she needed to feel comfortable and confident that her body could support her through the various demands of life.

After a few years of personal practice, Cathy decided to put her enthusiasm for the method to good use and train as a Pilates teacher, selecting the in-depth training offered by Anne-Marie Zulkahari, accredited by the Pilates Foundation.

Cathy brings her keen eye for detail to the fundamentals of Pilates, helping clients find the support they need to move more freely and with confidence. She likes to see her classes as enabling clients to explore all the ways in which their bodies can move, and to enjoy it!

When not teaching, Cathy enjoys climbing and skiing – embracing an active, outdoor lifestyle.