Pilates Teacher

Fully qualified to teach Pilates since



  • CYQ Level 3, certified by The Register for Exercise Professionals, UK
  • Pre- and Post Natal Pilates, Certified by The Thoughtful Body
  • Comprehensive Pilates Qualification (matwork/equipment/rehabilitation/children’s Pilates), accredited by Pilates Foundation UK
  • BA Arts Management

A bit about Marcella

Marcella has been involved with movement for over 20 years. Dance, artistic gymnastics and swimming have been part of her life since she was a child growing up in her home country – Italy.

She first came into contact with the Pilates Method 10 years ago when, due to first a knee injury and then lower back injury, she was forced into a long break from dancing. After a few months of Pilates she felt great improvement in her strength and also how her muscles were supporting her body in day-to-day life – and she was finally pain free. Having experienced the true benefits for herself, she believes that everybody should practice Pilates as ‘it is simply an investment for life that perfectly complements any other activity’.

Since qualifying, Marcella has worked in various settings with clients from all walks of life which has allowed her to develop an intuitive and tailored approach. She has both a love of movement but also a keen interest in rehabilitation, having had back problems as a child (mild scoliosis but wore braces for 2 years). Her aim is to empower clients with body awareness and confidence in their ability, to then carry this forward into their daily activities and outside their sessions.

Marcella offers a simple, warm, hands-on and very giving teaching style, creating an environment that is relaxing and light hearted.

She is a proud mum of one and enjoys relaxing with her family.