Here are our classes

Clients can choose from using traditional Pilates equipment in private (one-to-one) or buddy (two-to-one) sessions or joining group matwork classes (max 6 people per class). Classes range from beginner to advanced level: all ages and ability are welcome!


Our most booked class type – bespoke for the individual making use of both matwork and equipment, tailored to requirements. The 1-to-1 focus allows you to progress at your own pace whether through regularly weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc bookings.

Mothers are welcome to bring babies and/or children to class (to be arranged in advance). Private classes are also beneficial in complementing regular group classes to help tweak and fine-tune technique. Classes are 60 minutes.


Allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of the private class whilst sharing the fun, and the cost, with a friend. You each still receive a tailored class and alternate on the equipment and mat as required. To make sure our teacher has enough time for both of you, buddy class length is 75 minutes.

Please note that if your buddy is not able to attend class, the class is then treated as a private, charged at the private rate.

Group Pilates Matwork

A group Pilates class with a maximum of 6 clients per session. Exercises are performed on a mat (provided) making use of auxiliary equipment such as balls and dynabands to enhance the experience and focusing on an all-round body workout. Classes take place at fixed times every week. Individual corrections are given however the pace of the class is set to the group. Classes are 60 minutes.

Group Pilates & Slings in Motion

A dynamic movement-based class, making use of the traditional Pilates approach of muscular control and strength whilst also encouraging movement beyond this to deeper stretching, more fluid flow and connectivity throughout the body as a whole, thereby introducing a more fascial based approach. Not to worry- there is no aerial work involved nor any unusual equipment used! Rather, the term ‘Slings’ relates to the myofascial meridians within the body, as defined by Tom Meyers in his Anatomy Trains concept. This class type is available as a group setting and also on a private basis with Fran. Classes are 60 minutes.